1962            Ward Meeks purchases “Silver Reef Lode” from Summit Mining & Reduction Company.
1963            First year of operation of the Crystal Mountain “T-Bar” surface lift.
1964            Meeks build first home, which is featured in Life Magazine series “Great Homes.”

Meeks develops first phases of new community, which he names Gold Hill:
1966            Gold Hill 1st Addition: 9 lots
1968            Gold Hill 2nd Addition: 11 lots
1975            Short Plat, 4 lots
1977            Meeks initiates Gold Hill 3rd Addition, but is stalled due to increased regulatory requirements.
1986            T-Bar surface lift is replaced with Gold Hill Chairlift.
1996            Gold Hill is integrated into Crystal Mountain water system.
2002            Last new-construction home built


2007            Gold Hill is rezoned by Pierce County as “Master Planned Resort.”
2008            Final phase of development initiated.
2016            Gold Hill Community Club votes unanimous support of final phase and final lots released.
2018            Development construction begin.
2018            June—September: Complete development
2018            Reserved Lots are Transferred to Owners
2018            Gold Hill is integrated into Crystal Mountain Wastewater System


2018            Development construction complete, reserved lots are transferred to owners.
2019            Begin home construction on first three lots.
2020            Begin home construction on second three lots.
2021            Begin home construction on third three lots.

Tomorrow – Crystal Mountain

2018            Expand snow making to Mid-Mountain.
2019            Relocate base of Discovery and Gold Hill lifts; install 350’ of Beginner Carpet to base of lifts.
2019            Overnight Lodging and Meeting Facilities
2020            Summit House Restaurant Expansion
2021            Kelly’s Gap Lift (B Lot to Right Angle Ridge above base of Green Valley Lift)

Other projects up for consideration: Bullion Basin lift, Restaurant in Green Valley, Replacing Rainier Express, Underground Locker Room. (Crystal Mountain plans subject to change with fluctuations in weather and market demand.)