Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for purchasing a lot at Gold Hill?

Come up to the mountains and and get your boots on the ground! Hike the neighborhood and select your ideal homesite.

Work with us or with your broker and do the paperwork to reserve your homesite.

Get started on your feasibility study. Contact your architect and your builder. If you don’t have someone in mind who is comfortable with construction in a mountain environment, we can make a recommendation. Print out copies of the extensive site evaluation documents available from us, or online with the NWMLS listings, and set up a planning meeting at the county.

Once you’ve satisfied yourself and your build/design team that your homesite is right for you and your vision, we set the closing date. Reserve your construction start date and finish planning all the many details of your dream mountain retreat.

How do I access my home?

During the summer months when the road is open, your new mountain home is accessed by the Mine-To-Market Road, a one lane dirt and gravel road with turnouts, which crosses USFS land and switches back and forth up to the community. This road is best traveled using a high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle. During the winter months your home will be accessed by either your private snow machine, or by chairlift, subject to the Crystal Mountain schedule of operation. The chairlift operation schedule can be found on the Crystal Mountain website, and updates to special operation times for Gold Hill owners is sent via email by the Gold Hill Community Club

Do you allow outside brokers?

Yes! We are listed with the NWMLS and are fully committed to cooperating with all NWMLS members, and will work with your broker to provide a wonderful customer service experience to all parties. Be sure to tell your broker to search Area 135 in the MLS to find the most up to date information on our listed homesites and current pricing.

Will there be any more homesites offered after these are sold out?

No. These are the final nine homesites to be released in Gold Hill at Crystal Mountain. Everything else at Crystal is situated on USFS land. Anything built on USFS land must be available for public use. No private dwellings allowed.

What are some special considerations when building a home at Gold Hill in Crystal Mountain?

There are many things to consider when building any home, but the first thing that comes to mind in the mountains is that the sites are steeply sloped. This means that the new home starts will be scheduled to avoid having too many going on in any given construction season. No two starts can be side by side with a shared boundary in a given year. We are limited to no more than 3 home-starts per season due to limited turn around for construction vehicles and limited staging areas for building materials. The building season is shorter and subject to the road being plowed, inspected, and opened by the USFS at the beginning of the summer season, usually around the 4th of July.

Do you have a preferred Architect and Builder?

Yes we do! Though we are not affiliated with, or have any interest in their businesses, we can recommend some folks who have successfully demonstrated they have what it takes to bring a project together beautifully here at Gold Hill.

Are there restrictions to the size and placement of the home I can build?

Yes. The homesites each have a building footprint envelope to build within. This will protect the community home values by assuring no new home blocks the view of any existing home. The homes are also limited in size to not more than 6,200 square feet and 49 feet high from base of foundation to the highest peak of the roof.

What Is the timeline expected for construction?

We are expecting to have the majority of the site work established during the summer of 2017. The remaining infrastructure will follow when the road opens in 2018. Your design and build team will be working with you during this time moving through the planning and permitting process. We expect the first 3 homesites to break ground in 2019. Once the foundation is in and the rough framing is done, off season materials can be delivered and stored within the rough structure for work during the shoulder and winter seasons. We are expecting finished construction and final inspections to be accomplished for the first 3 homes to happen in summer of 2020. It is important to stay flexible and remember that there are many variables which could affect your construction times in any setting, and especially so on the side of a mountain.